Life Coaching

I offer life coaching for those who feel this approach fits their needs better than counseling.

Life coaching is a relatively new approach to assisting individuals and organizations in accomplishing their goals. It is not dramatically different from my solution-focused approach to counseling, but tends to focus more on people’s goals for their careers and lifestyles, and is not as in-depth in regard to relationships and emotional concerns.

Traditionally, coaching is differentiated from counseling in the following ways, however, much overlap remains:

First, life coaching does not treat mental illness or addictions. In addition, life coaching focuses exclusively on present challenges as they relate to future goals and plans. It does not address past issues. Third, the process of life coaching is driven by the client’s goals, dreams and visions.  

As one prominent life coach puts it, “life coaching assists people in designing their future rather than getting over their past.” (Patrick Williams)

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