My Counseling Approach 

I will help you address life’s challenges with understanding, compassion and guidance, while offering hope and skills for positive change. I am fond of saying “life is short,” so we need to live it with as much love and laughter as possible.

I tend to be practical and straight-forward, open and honest, and focus on solutions that allow you to get life back on track as quickly as possible. Learn more about me here.

My office is a place where life’s challenges are treated as a normal part of living, not a mental illness. Just because you are struggling with anxiety, depression, marriage or family conflict, work stress, loss, or difficult life transitions does not mean that you are sick. And the fact that you are seeking help indicates courage and the motivation to lead a happier more fulfilling life.

I believe in a holistic approach to mental health, meaning that all aspects of our lives are interconnected. Current research in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology help us understand how the brain works, and how the mind, the body and emotions interact. This knowledge leads to strategies for successfully regulating emotions and behavior.  

Because we are each different in our capacities and our needs, I tailor my approach to the unique qualities of my clients. We each have personal assets that we rely on at times in our lives, and research indicates that using one’s strengths is key to creating positive change.  

I believe that counseling should be a temporary resource in our lives — one that we make use of at times when we feel stuck. This means that the number and frequency of our meetings will be determined by you and your needs. And while the total number of sessions varies greatly (from one to over one hundred in my experience) the average number of sessions I spend with clients is about 8 to 12. In addition, I have had many clients come and go over the years as the need arises.  

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