What’s The Issue?

Adolescence can be both joyful and challenging for teens and parents alike. Some of the reasons being that teenagers experience more growth and development, require more sleep and probably cause more parental anxiety than at any other time besides infancy.  

Why do we parents experience so much stress and anxiety at this stage? Partly because our role as parents is shifting from one of being in total control of our child’s life to more of being a coach or guide. We are still the final authority in our teens’ lives, but they are becoming more independent decision-makers. So at this stage we are feeling some loss of control made worse by the fact that our kids are now old enough to make serious, life altering decisions.  

Recent brain research has confirmed that decision making during the teen years is shaped by uneven development. The part of brain that controls impulses and provides judgment and reasoning isn’t completely developed until almost 20 years of age. However, hormones released at the beginning of adolescence stimulate the need to assert oneself, test limits and take risks. In other words, our teens are all revved up for excitement but don’t have the judgment to assess the risks and outcomes. This can cause tension and conflict between parents and teens.

What You Get From Me

A professional analysis and opinion on your teen’s behavior. Concrete strategies for addressing specific concerns. Family sessions to improve communication between parents and teenagers. Coaching sessions with the parents to help refine behavior management strategies. Individual sessions with the teen to help him/her learn new ways to be successful in school, at work or within the family. 

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